AST Exhibits Welcomes Marilee

Bird's eye view for this navigator at 10,000'

Bird’s eye view for this navigator at 10,000′

AST Exhibits is excited to welcome Marilee Emerson to our team.

Marilee rounds out our dynamic talent with her background in education, planning and client care.  Her skills as a relationship builder, facilitator and communicator make her an ideal addition to the team.

As AST Exhibits’ Client Navigator, she will ensure our clients are informed and happy at every stage of the project

“Marilee brings exceptional client-relations skills to AST Exhibits,” said Scott Metelko, President and Founder of AST Exhibits. “We are extremely lucky to have her as a part of our team.”

Marilee believes strong collaborative relationships are vital to the success of every project.

“When you work with AST Exhibits you are not just another client, you become a partner and team member. We value our clients’ insights, experience and expertise, and take their contributions seriously. I’ll be there to ensure your voices are heard, from beginning to end,” she said.

Whether you are an existing client or can’t wait to become one, contact Marilee to set up a time to talk.