Building a Museum in Eight Months

First Meeting – Finding a reason why the world needs this museum When I first got the call from Judy Burke, VP of Governance for the Institute of Internal Auditors, I thought this was going to be a difficult process. She called me to set up a meeting to explore designing and building a museum about Internal Auditing. First, I …

Everyone Will Be a Hero

Summertime is a perfect time to visit a children’s museum. AST Exhibits recently completed designs for new exhibits in the Explorer’s Gallery at the Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast. You can read more about the designs here: One of the design goals was to make guests feel like they are something special, that they are heroes. We wanted guests …

Takers to Givers

Children's museum design and fabrication

Takers to Givers Shifting Imagery to build community leaders Takers to Givers is the first in a series of articles about the groundbreaking work we are doing for the Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast. We Started with Pirates When we first talked to the leadership at the Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast, we knew that we had some …

AST Exhibits Creates Western theme for Mennello Museum

Kiva fireplace in our studio. Fabrication complete and ready for installation.

The Mennello Museum of American Art in Orlando, Florida, relied on the skill of AST Exhibits when it came time to add additional interest to its galleries. Director Frank Holt wanted to add themed architectural elements to accentuate touring exhibitions that will feature the art of the American West this year.  AST Exhibits designed, fabricated and installed five elements to …

2008 HGTV Green Home Giveaway

In 2008 AST Exhibits built exhibits for the first annual HGTV Green Home Giveaway in Hardeeville, SC.

Client: Convergence, LLC
Location: Hardeeville, SC

Exhibits consisted of custom modular panels that then had graphics and 3-dimensional objects applied to highlight the different green technologies used in the project.

Liquidmetal Golf PGA Booth

Traditional elements of trade show kiosks, like this desk, were updated and given a modern appearance.

Client: LiquidMetal Golf
Location: Orlando, FL

AST designed and built a 70′ X 30′ exhibit for the PGA show in Orlando. The booth featured exhibits that highlighted the Liquidmetal Golf products being offered as well as some of the aerospace and military applications of the underlying technology.

3D Architectural Renderings

AST was hired by Raleigh Design to flesh out this hotel lobby concept art.

Client: Chris Raleigh Design
Location: Maitland, Florida

3D Renderings have been a part of our skill set at AST Exhibits since the beginning.

Chicago Raceway Rendering

AST created this 3D rendering for a proposed race track in the suburbs of Chicago.

Client: International Speedway Corporation
Location: Chicago, IL

AST was engaged by International Speedway Corporation to produce a series of architectural renderings for new tracks being built around the country.

Universal Studios Development

We embraced emerging technology in the early 90s, and we learned its value early in our history.

Client: Universal Studios / Idletime Networks
Location: Universal Studios, FL

Idletime Networks and Universal Studios had developed designs for elements of regional theme parks. We were tasked with finding a way to rapidly prototype an entire theme park using the elements previously designed once a potential site and demographic were identified.