BET Spring Bling

This versatile stage built by AST had to accommodate a hot tub, multiple live performances, a dj booth, an interview couch, modeling runways and even a car show.

[clientplace clientname=”Black Entertainment Television” projectplace=”Riviera Beach, FL”]
AST Exhibits worked with the production designer to realize the stage, sets, and props.

Howl-O-Scream Outdoor Attractions

In this haunted house guests are trapped within the walls and forced to experience bone-chilling horrors.

Client: Busch Gardens
Location: Tampa, Florida

Howl-O-Scream is a Halloween-themed attraction at Busch Gardens. It is installed in August and September, both very active months of the hurricane season in Florida.

PMO Christmas Show

The Town Square is just one of the many elaborate sets designed for the Purdue Music Organization's Annual Christmas Show.

Client: Purdue Musical Organizations
Location: West Lafayette, IN

The PMO Christmas Show is the only show of its kind in the country in which a brand new production is mounted every year.

Nickelodeon’s My Family’s Got Guts

The finale of each episode involved scaling the 22 foot tall Aggro Crag.

Client: Five Alts Productions
Location: Universal Studios, Florida

My Family’s Got Guts was a spin-off of the original game show GUTS which was filmed and aired in the early 1990s.

Hard Rock Park Grand Opening Tour

AST decided that blowing the gates open with a stack of speakers was more appropriate than a traditional ribbon cutting.

Client: Hard Rock Parks
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC

AST Exhibits co-produced the opening events for the park, which included concerts by The Eagles and The Moody Blues.

Arthur Live! Tour

The Cafeteria set from Arthur's school.

Client: Turnstile Presents, inc
Location: US Tour

For this touring production, we built the scenery around a giant story book with which the characters interact throughout the show.