Design Kick-off for Children’s Museum

Design Kick Off for the Children's Museum of the Treasure Coast

Design Kick Off for the Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast

AST Exhibits of Orlando, Fla., will design two new exhibit areas in the Explorer’s Gallery at the Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast in Jensen Beach, Fla.

“Completing the gallery opens the museum to a whole new group of guests and unlimited possibilities for fun and learning,” said Scott Metelko, President and Founder of AST Exhibits. “The new gallery elements will be specifically designed for 8 to 13 year-olds. It will introduce visitors to the true meaning behind the Treasure Coast, as well as highlight the precious mangrove resources.”

The addition of the two exhibits will continue the project’s original goal of featuring the river’s underwater ecosystems and other local waterways.

“We are so excited to be collaborating with AST Exhibits, and moving into phase 3 of this amazing project,” said Tammy Calabria, Executive-Director of The Children’s Museum. “We feel that it’s extremely important for the museum to focus on our local natural treasures, featuring life on, above, and under the river.”

The new designs will be revealed on Saturday, Nov. 1, during the “Kids at Heart Gala.” For more information about this event, please contact Tammy Calabria, 772-225-7575 x203 or Mary Murphy, 772-225-7575 x208.

About The Childrens Museum of the Treasure Coast The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast is located in the center of Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach, and is open seven days a week. They are a non-profit organization that opened its doors in August of 2008 and have hands-on exhibits for children to explore, learn, and play through interactive activities and imagination. The heart of the museum is its Educational Field Trips and Outreach Programs, which have allowed over 10,000 students from the Treasure Coast to experience educational exploration through hands-on exhibits in a state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious atmosphere.