Marco Island Historical Museum

Calusa style shell tools were researched and recreated by the AST art team.

“Thanks for all of your help and expertise in getting this project moving forward. I know that the Marco community really appreciated having such a significant portion done this season so they could see the progress.”

-Craig Woodward, President Marco Island Historical Society

The Marco Island Historical Museum is a brand new facility that opened in June 2010 with a number of temporary exhibits. AST was brought in to design the first permanent exhibits.

Working with both the Marco Island Historical Society and Collier County Museums, we were able to complete the designs for the first two galleries.

Highlights of the design include a natural history exhibit which highlights various aspects of Calusa daily life, a shell mound complete with a Chickee Hut Temple on top, and a more traditional gallery that showcases what we know about the Calusa and how we know it. The first phase of the construction was completed in February 2012.