Naples Depot Museum Phase I

Angled windows allowed the Station Master to see trains both up and down the line from his desk. AST Exhibits replaced the original windows with "magic" windows that allow YOU to witness the action along the rails.

“If your spirits ever need a lift, take a stroll through the Naples Depot. I still marvel at every inch of it. Genius.”

-Ron Jamro | Director, Collier County Museums

When AST became involved with this project in 2007, the Naples Depot was just beginning the process of renovation.  AST worked with the Director of Museums to design and budget for this 9700 sq. ft. facility.

Even though the renovations took years longer than anticipated, we were able to maintain the original budget from 2007 three years later when we actually installed the exhibits.

The exhibits tell the story of the development of Naples, FL  and the importance of rail travel in general and the Naples Depot in particular to the development of the area.

Highlights of the exhibits include a diorama depicting the arrival of the Orange Blossom Special for the first time in 1927, a full size replica of the Naples Taxi buckboard that was used to ferry passengers from the Depot to the Naples Hotel, and the chance to see and feel what it must have been like to stand in the stationmaster’s office when one of these huge trains pulled into the station.