PMO Christmas Show

The Town Square is just one of the many elaborate sets designed for the Purdue Music Organization's Annual Christmas Show.

“AST Rocks!!!”

-Brian Breed | Director, Purdue Musical Organizations

The PMO Christmas Show is the only show of its kind in the country in which a brand new production is mounted every year. Since 1933, the Purdue Musical Organizations has produced an annual original Christmas show.

AST was brought in to raise the level of technical production as well as to increase the collaboration between the creative team and the client PMO.  The shows were produced at Elliott Hall in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Elliott Hall is a gigantic 6,000 seat art deco facility that opened in 1933, the year that the first Christmas Show was produced.  The theater’s 100 foot wide proscenium arch and enormous cast of over 300 presented many challenges.  We worked closely with PMO throughout the year to design and then build the show at our facility in Orlando.

We then brought our production team to Indiana to install and then mount the show.