Well Traveled Exhibit

A Little Inspiration from the World Rock and Roll

In the museum-exhibits business, solutions are often discovered in usual places.

Rock and Roll was the inspiration for how to protect one of our traveling exhibits, although the exhibit had nothing to do with music.

Diverse backgrounds can lead to diverse solutions, and that’s exactly what happened when we set out to find a way to transport and protect 33 pieces of priceless, original art and the accompanying graphic panels of a display.

The Challenge

We knew going in that this exhibit would need to withstand many miles of travel, would spend time packed up in the off season, and would be handled by many different hands over the course of time.

Our challenge was to figure out a way to transport the display safely and efficiently. What could we use to do the job and cover all these requirements?

Enter rock and roll.

For years, rock and roll bands have traveled the world with road cases that protect the instruments and equipment for their shows.

Bands move their valuable instruments and stage-show structures over countless air and road miles, then entrust them to an infinite number of hands for set up.

Yet, somehow their system works.

What would happen if we used that system for our fine art display?

We decided to try it to find out.

The Solution

We enlisted the help of Olympic Cases to turn our design plan into a reality.  We then customized interiors to move the collection.

These pieces did not have uniform frames, so their placement inside the road boxes was important to plan out— think of a 3D puzzle—and label to ensure each piece was returned to its correct location.

The system also needed to be easy and self-explanatory because the loading and unloading of the display would be entrusted to a variety of different people at the exhibit’s destination.

The customized road boxes were the perfect solution.

They protected the collection and made loading and unloading easier at the destination site.

And there you have it: A simple solution, inspired by the music industry.

That’s just one way AST Exhibits rolls: We like to keep it simple.

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